Hi friends, I’m Amye!

I am a wife, dog-mom, Jesus lover, youth pastor, foodie, lover of things aesthetically pleasing (hello, enneagram 4’s!), writer and blogger!

I absolutely love getting to know people and gathering new inspiration from testimonies and stories they have!

Being fully known by my heavenly Father is something I find comfort in and even more so knowing that He accepts me just the way I am!




Worship – music, leading, learning, and just the purity of worshipping my Jesus!

Taking care of my home and family.

Cooking/preparing meals for friends and family to gather at our home.

Investing in the next generation of worshippers and world changers.

Sisterhood – making sure that the barriers women have against one another are demolished and replaced with encouragement, life-giving friendships and a sense of belonging to a strong female tribe.


coffee mugs | iced coffee | natural light | hosting | Gilmore Girls | cleaning on a bright, sunny day | encouraging friends through words or small token gifts | TJ Maxx & Target trips | candles

Enneagram 4 | Quality Time Love Language


I’m so glad you’re here! Let’s connect!

You can find me on Instagram or email me through the link below.


Gainesville, GA


[email protected]

Social Media:

IG: @amyekphinazee, @phinazeeeats

YouTube: Amye Phinazee

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