fully known

At the beginning of each new year, I take time to reflect on the year before. I look at what I accomplished; what I struggled with; what I overcame what strengthened me; what challenged me; and what I need to continue to work on and improve. With the reflection of each new year, I learn […]

Apple Spice and Everything Nice

Every season of the year provides elements that I absolutely love. Winter brings crisp, frozen goodness paired with icy beauty (and includes my birthday month). Spring brings the most beautiful colors and aesthetically pleasing nature views mixed with the sound of bees buzzing and birds chirping. Summer brings the sound of ocean waves and seagull […]

Create the Opportunity

Hey friend! Long time to talk. I’ll admit that I have taken a bit of a back burner when it comes to blogging, but all for good reason! You see, I’ve truly been taking my time and grabbing other opportunities that will bring so much life into my soul. Not to say that blogging doesn’t […]


“I’m not racist.” “I don’t see color.” “I love all people.” Stop. None of these comments are helping. Now before you continue reading, let me just say that I will probably say something to offend someone. I do not have it all the way right and I won’t pretend to. But what I’m asking is […]

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