Apple Spice and Everything Nice

Every season of the year provides elements that I absolutely love.

Winter brings crisp, frozen goodness paired with icy beauty (and includes my birthday month).

Spring brings the most beautiful colors and aesthetically pleasing nature views mixed with the sound of bees buzzing and birds chirping.

Summer brings the sound of ocean waves and seagull cries paired with warm, sun-kissed skin and the smell of Banana Boat sunscreen.

But Autumn

Autumn has this romanticism about it that is incomparable to any other season.

There is a sense of calmness that I believe comes with the season of Autumn. The air gets cooler, the nights grow longer, the leaves take on a beautiful hue, the coffee is stronger, and the smells are so stimulating to the soul.

Autumn is by far my favorite season of the year. There is nothing like opening the windows and turning off the air conditioning in the house to allow that clean, fresh, and crisp Autumn air to flood the room. Moments of curling up with a blanket by a fire with a mug of hot apple cider are what I live for this time of year. Watching my husband’s excitement when the Auburn Tigers make a touchdown and listening to the roar of cheers fill our living room is one of the sweetest sounds.

Autumn brings a chance for a fresh start. While the leaves begin to fall and the ground is covered in their colors, the trees begin to grow bare in preparation for the winter. And in this preparation season, the trees gain a sense of purpose for what is to come in the Spring. They begin to go into preservation mode and take a few months to rest and regroup while nurturing what is inside of them that will bloom.

I believe this is the same for us.

Often, I equate Autumn with my time to self-preserve and do the things that will bring me joy in the next season of my life. I take the time to search and rest and study and nurture the gifts that I’ve been given by my Creator.

Friend, can I encourage you to not take this season of Autumn lightly, while also remembering to take the time to rest your soul in preparation for the Spring to come in a few months? Use the clarity of Autumn and Winter to gain a new perspective while letting the Creator of the beautiful scenery and aesthetic around you love on and speak to your soul?

Autumn can act as an intentional time to connect with yourself and the Father who designed you.

While you’re preparing to embrace the beautiful coloration of the leaves, the crispness of the air, the smell of a campfire and apple spice, the sound of pages turning in a good book and the roar of excitement with college football among us; remember that this Autumn is a time of reflection, rest, and renewal to your soul.

Happy Autumn, friends.



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