Create the Opportunity

Hey friend!

Long time to talk.

I’ll admit that I have taken a bit of a back burner when it comes to blogging, but all for good reason!

You see, I’ve truly been taking my time and grabbing other opportunities that will bring so much life into my soul. Not to say that blogging doesn’t bring me life, but there have been other areas that my writing attention has been drawn to (no spoilers, yet!)

I have truly been enjoying my creative time and really working at my foodie page and coming up with yummy recipes to share as well as searching my heart and asking Jesus what should be my main focus right now? You see, I have so many passions and things that bring my life joy. But sometimes, it is really hard to decide what to focus my energy on so that I don’t get overwhelmed and overloaded to the point that I start to forget to embrace the joy.

I have been praying and meditating on some things that are a really big deal to me and things that have the potential to launch me into the next season of my life. Something that “large and in charge” should definitely have a bit more focus.

In my processing and prayer life, I have been learning the lesson that opportunities will always be around the corner if you’re truly on the lookout for them.

Think about it…

Opportunities will always be around the corner if you’re truly on the lookout for them.”

In scripture, when Jesus was traveling from city to city, he was in constant community with the Father. And being in that community with Him, opportunities were around every corner. Opportunities for healing, for teaching, for friendships, for trusting, for imparting wisdom, for charity, and for kindness. And never once did he have to ask the Father for the opportunity to minister and fulfill His potential. It was just acknowledged that Jesus had the authority to make things happen.

And that, my friend, is what I desire to acknowledge for myself and for YOU.

I am learning that the more community I have with the Father, the more authority and power I have and as a result, the more opportunity I am creating for my creativity and talents to shine!

Don’t get me wrong, insecurity can creep up at the most inconvenient times and the thought of feeling like you’re “doing your own thing” can make its way into your mind when you’re creating opportunity. But can I let you in on a little secret?

Spending time with the Father will align your dreams, ideas, and ambitions with His heartbeat.

Therefore, the opportunities you’re creating for yourself can align with His plan for your life!

So as you’re dreaming and chasing the ambitions and dreams you have, make sure that you’re consulting with the author of your life; and in turn, the opportunities you create will bring you life, joy and reflect the relationship you have with the Father!


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