When Someone Encourages You…

If you’ve read my previous posts, you’d quickly learn that I am a pretty positive person. I love to be an encouragement to those around me and I make sure that I keep my perspective as optimistic as possible. But nonetheless, I love having the reputation as an encourager.

But a lot of times, my encouragement leaves me dry because of the insecurity that can creep up inside of me. I, like many others, am fighting an internal battle…be it physically, emotionally, or mentally…no one can see it. No one sees my cystic fibrosis on the outside…most of the time. No one sees that I have to take extra naps some days or rest instead of taking care of my house and husband. Sometimes when the battles come, the cry for my personal encouragement is silenced more times than not by the simple fact that I am supposed to BE THE ENCOURAGER…not so much the encouragee (if that’s a word??).

But what happens when someone encourages the encourager?

Sometimes its hard to comprehend that the encourager needs encouragement, too. But thankfully, that’s why the Lord made more than one person on earth an encourager. That’s why as human beings, even if your “spiritual gifting” isn’t encouragement specifically, you have a heart that is intended for good. You have a soul that can recognize when someone is having a bad day or is going through a difficult time.

This is a part of the human heart that is a delicate thing to protect. Because so often, we remain selfish and focus on making sure WE are good. Making sure WE do all we can to stay afloat. Make sure WE…(you fill in the blank). And in reality, the human race needs us to encourage one another.

As an encourager, can I tell you that not everyday for me is rainbows and sunshine (especially in Georgia because HELLO…it literally looks like Seattle outside). I know, I know, its a shock to the system. But it’s true. No encourager will be an encourager every day.

I’m so thankful that I have people around me that can also lift me up and encourage me. Because on the days where I feel like no one appreciates me; on the days when I’m the sad one; on the days where it feels so lonely; I have someone to come along side of me and make sure I’m okay. I have someone who will tell me I’m doing a good job. I have someone to tell me that I’m beautiful and strong. I have someone who will remind me that my story matters and other people will benefit from it.

My husband is my greatest encourager. He’s the inspiration behind this post.

Last night, he encouraged me and I’m not sure he nor I even knew I actually needed it. But I did. And I left our conversation encouraged, confident, and a little more in love with myself and him.

The point of this entire post is to just be an encouragement. And let yourself be encouraged. Let someone speak life into you. Even when you don’t necessarily like yourself. Let someone pray for you. Let someone buy you lunch. Let someone be that blessing that you may not know you needed.

But then return the favor. Make this world a little more kind. Make this world look a little more like Jesus.

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6 thoughts on “When Someone Encourages You…

  1. You are such a good writer. You can feel the emotions in your words. I think your blog is a great challenge for others to encourage others. Isn’t it amazing how just at the right time God will send someone to encourage us? I will use your blog as a reminder to always be willing to encourage others around me daily!

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