Isolation vs. Solitude

This week I was asked by my husband to lead a short devo for our students through Instagram live. We have had to shift everything about what our ministry looks like thanks to the mandated social distancing protocols.

So we created a schedule of online connections we can have with our awesome kiddos each week. Yesterday was our “motivation Monday” devo and the Lord dropped a word on my heart that I wanted to put into blog formation because I feel it’s just that important.

On Sunday, our pastor made a comment in his sermon about isolation being from the enemy and the Lord giving us a time of solitude. It resonated with me so hard that I can’t stop thinking about it; and here it is, Tuesday. Sunday night I went to bed thinking about it and woke up Monday with it still on my heart, so I went ahead and started studying it.

We are in such a chaotic time in our nation with social distancing and isolation measures. Routines have been halted; school has been shut down; business’ are closing or are limited on how they conduct everyday operations; parents are working from home and having to tend to their kids an extra 8 hours a day; sports are gone; concerts are gone; major events cancelled; you get the picture…the nation is in an uproar.

Yet, during this time of “social distancing” we have such a beautiful opportunity to “self-care”, create, dream, rest, and reconnect with those most important to us.

So why do some of us feel so isolated? Or better yet, why are we CHOOSING to feel isolated, when so many people are getting creative and making connection possible?

The definition of isolation is the complete separation from others suffering a contagious illness or infection disease; the separation of a nation from nations; hopelessness. 

Sounds a bit like our world right now, huh?

The enemy LOVES to feed on someone’s isolation. He provokes it and makes us believe that because we’re in a “quarantine” state, that we have to truly feel alone. He makes the entire situation seem hopeless and depressing. He plays on our emotions and drives fear, anxiety, and loneliness to the core of who we are and alters our belief of who we are created to be. He’s a freaking PUNK.

But the truth of the matter is that we are not “isolated”. We have been granted a gracious opportunity to embrace the state of solitude that we’ve needed for so long.

The definition of solitude is the state of being alone to ENJOY one’s solitude…solitude is peace and quiet; wilderness; withdrawal; and detachment.

God displays solitude throughout all of scripture. He even refers to it as the “wilderness”…no coincidence that wilderness is a synonym for solitude. God created solitude for us to remove ourselves from distraction and reconnect to Him and who He is.

Solitude shifts our perspective back to the grace and overflowing joy of who God is and what He created our purpose to be. It creates a necessary silence in our life that the busyness has been overbearing for so long. His plan of solitude is meant to clear schedules and get back to the importance of family, love, self-care, connection with the Father, and the understanding of grace.

The enemy tries to over-rule solitude by masking it with isolation.

But friend, can I set you free?


Though these times seem like it will never end and it seems like “normalcy” will never see the light of day again, maybe this is your chance at a new normalcy and to develop the ability to hear your Father’s voice crystal clearly.

Maybe this time of solitude is your chance to find your way back to worship.

Maybe this time of solitude is your chance to be a better friend, wife, sister, brother, husband, daughter, son, etc.

Maybe, just maybe, this time of solitude is your greatest gift the Lord could have ever blessed you with because for once, your schedule is clear and you can breathe!

Take heart friends; this is not isolation, this is the Lord’s great gift of solitude and in it, you can find Him and get back to the basis of who you were created to be.

Don’t fear it, embrace it.


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