Nail Polish Talks

Last night while hubby was working at the church, I took some time to “self-care” and do something that ALWAYS makes me feel better and more confident in myself…I painted my nails.

Now, if you’ve spent any time with me at all in my adolescent years, you’d know that if I were sick or having a bad health week, the sure fire way to tell if I was feeling better was if I started doing my nails. And the evidence stands true for me as an adult as well.

There’s just something about having pretty, manicured finger nails and toe nails that makes a girl feel like a million bucks.

Seriously, when my nails look ratchet and unpolished, it feels like my whole life is dissatisfied…anyone else?

So as I was taking off the old polish and waiting for the remover to do it’s thing, I was growing more and more impatient with each passing second. See, I got this new polish remover while I’ve been on quarantine and it’s a gel polish remover (full of protectants and nutrients that’s supposed to be better for your nails). But the difference between this and my usual polish remover is that you have to let it sit on your nail for a while before you can rub the polish away. The problem is that it isn’t instant like my usual acetone polish remover, where I can literally swipe and *POOF* the old polish is gone.

As I’m waiting…and waiting…and WAITING some more, I felt the Lord speak this to me…

God: “Isn’t this like My grace, Amye?”

Me: “Umm, what, God? This is literally just nail polish remover and I’m just over waiting for it.”

God: “Yes, but as you’re waiting on this remover (that isn’t like your old stuff that will tear up your nails and make them weak and brittle) something beautiful is on the horizon. Your polish remover is full of nutrients and is made to protect your nails while also getting rid of the old, ugly junk on top of them. If you wait and let the process take the time it needs, your nails will not only have a clean slate and the opportunity to look BEAUTIFUL, your new foundation will also be healthy and strong to hold that new beautiful polish.”

Me: *mind…blown.*

But He’s SO right!

So many times, I feel like I rush God and am impatient waiting for Him to hurry up and do what He’s revealed He will do. And it’s not that I don’t trust the process, but I want it done in MY time, on MY calendar, and in MY way. But that’s not how God operates.

He’s a nurturing God.

He’s a process God.

He’s a detailed God.

He’s a God that sees the potential for beauty and makes sure every detail is covered in order to attain that beauty.

And I’m so thankful for Him.

I’m so thankful that when I’m impatient, God sees beyond the “right now” and teaches me the necessity of the process. I’m so thankful that He takes His time and not only makes my life and my circumstances beautiful, but He pays attention to what my foundation is so that it isn’t just a “quick fix” that will crumble later.

God is a master at His craft and He makes sure that His children are wrapped in the beautiful little package of grace that He so intentionally poured out over us.

He sees the potential for what our life can become if we would just wait and be patient with His process. He doesn’t make mistakes. He doesn’t do something just because He can. He’s intentional and He’s a perfectionist. His timing is everything and His plan is revealed in His time.

So while you’re waiting for God to reveal His plan, make sure you are trusting that He isn’t on your clock because He’s taking His perfect, craftsman time to make it flawless. He’s not only working on the thing that is to come, but He’s helping you build the foundation to sustain it.

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One thought on “Nail Polish Talks

  1. Ah this is so good. It’s so amazing how God uses the smallest details of everyday life to speak to us so profoundly.

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