Oh the Joy!

Christmas time is just around the corner and despite the judgement from those who choose to wait until after Thanksgiving to put up their tree, I’ve already got mine up and am sitting here burning a Christmas candle…

It’s my absolute FAVORITE time of year and I want to enjoy it as long as I can. Christmas time brings me joy and this year, one of my spiritual words was joy. So I’m indulging in it.

But today, something else brought me that same joyous feeling and I just can’t help but brag on it.

My husband and I are fast approaching our one year mark of being youth pastors in North Georgia. Our model for being youth pastors is that he works with the guys and I work with the girls (as it should be); so when we decided to take this job that the Lord graciously laid at our feet, one of my most specific prayers would be that I had a group of girls who I could love on and pour into, but who also loved me back.

So far, this year has been and INCREDIBLE answer to our prayers and my girls are the best in the whole world. But this morning, I experienced Jesus in a whole new way through them and I’m pretty sure they have no idea.

Less than a week ago, I had this God-thought (and totally girly desire) to host a girls morning since my husband was heading off to the Auburn/Georgia game in Alabama (#wareagle…you’re welcome, babe). Now usually, I cringe at the thought of last minute plans for an event…especially when it comes to hosting. I need time to prepare, invite, hype it up on social media, etc.

But I just couldn’t let this one go…

So I took and chance and decided to do a girls brunch at my (very small when you put 11 girls in it) apartment. I created the event on social media and prayed for girls to respond. AND THEY DID.

This morning I had 11 beautiful, fun, and fabulous girls gathered in my living room laughing and eating brunch and enjoying life together. Laughing, playing games, sharing stories, and taking pictures (semi-destructive pictures…but what fun would normal pictures be?)

It was simply a time of sisterhood in it’s purest pink form. But it brought my heart so much JOY.

As I sat there and laughed with my girls, I was in awe at the goodness of God and the details of the answered prayers from God. Every one of those girls were a detailed plan of God’s answer to my prayer about having girls to love on and that love me back. I felt it this morning. I felt the love of my girls.

Sisterhood is a growing desire of my heart and this morning I had the opportunity to express it and share it with the girls I love the most. We have an amazing group and I just know that as we continue to do life together, I will continue to see glimpses of the goodness of God in each of them and that alone brings me so much JOY.

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2 thoughts on “Oh the Joy!

  1. Looks beautiful, Amye! I have no doubt that it went wonderfully, you and Zach were put there to impact those kiddos and its no surprise you’re doing a great job!

  2. I LOVE this and you! You capture so well the joy and encouragement the Lord is providing through your marriage and your calling. I am deeply encouraged by you guys!

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