What a beautiful day!

I have anxiously awaited a warm, sunshine-y day for so long and today, my wish came to life. And to make this day even better, hubs surprised the pups and I by coming home from the office early to work from home and avoid any potential coronavirus germs!

We were able to eat lunch together and soak up some rays while getting work done and letting the pups enjoy the sunshine.

The beautiful thing about it being the first day of spring and having such wonderful weather is the fact that the Lord gave us this day when literally most people in the area are home with their kids. It’s like the Lord just keeps dropping these little tokens saying that He is still good and He is still faithful even in the midst of what seems to be such chaos.

The sun is shining down on His people right now. This is our time to be a light.

Spring is a time of blooming and blossoming out of what we’ve learned while being dormant in the winter. What I mean by that is not to say we haven’t been fruitful and productive through our winter, but plants go into protection and growth mode in the winter time. It’s a time for the buds to grow stronger and the roots to go deeper so when Spring comes, they can show the world what they have been doing for themselves in the privacy of their covering. It is the same for us. Through our “winters” we grow; we nurture; we dream; we plan; we develop; so when our “Spring” comes back around, we can show the beautiful creation the Lord has molded us into.

It’s truly amazing what a little bit of warmth, sunshine, and living water will do to a soul that has been preparing for this time.

As the children of God, it’s time to show off what we’ve been soaking up through our “winter”. And I truly believe that is coming to fruition. I’ve seen more encouragement, joy, laughter, and kindness in the last week and a half than I have in a long time; even through the detriment our nation is in. There is a reverent peace over the children of God and now that our Spring is here, it’s our time to show the world our beauty.

So like the tree and its leaves and the flowers that are to bloom around our yard, show the world your beauty; show the world the light that radiates from your spirit-filled heart.

And last but not least…

Happy Spring!



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