He Stayed…

What a mess this world is currently in amongst the shut down of businesses, schools, shopping, etc. thanks to the coronavirus outbreak. And for someone like me, who is immunocompromised, this is an extra cautious time. But not just for me, for my husband as well. He has to watch his back and make sure that he isn’t exposed so he doesn’t bring home germs that can infect me. It’s a whole big mess.

But nonetheless, my husband is still going to work and is still taking extra precautions. He works with a small number of people and his office is adhering to the new sanitation protocols; therefore, it is unnecessary for him to miss work unless there is illness in the office.

This week he has gone above and beyond and has taken the best preventative care of us. He shopped for us, took extra sanitation steps in our home, has spiritually been fighting sickness for us, and has just really stepped up in areas that are usually mine. All the while continuing to work hard to provide for our family and to continue investing in the souls of our church and students.

This morning was routine at best. He woke up to get ready to head to work and I woke up with him as I always do. Usually I wait until he leaves to get up and take care of the pups, but this morning I had to break the routine in a rough way.

Zach was ready and about to head out the door when I heard him yell “he pooped” from the living room. Obviously, I jumped right up and ran down the hall. Sure enough, Riley (our 6 month old Golden Retriever) had pooped in his crate…which has only happened one other time…just as Zach was heading out the door.

Now mind you, Zach had said not even 10 minutes before this that I should probably get up and take Riley out because he had been up a little longer than usual. I, of course, shrugged it off because I know my routine and I know how Riley and I vibe. So in my stubbornness, I ignored Zach and said “I’ve got this”.

Did I get a big, fat “I told you so”? Nope.

Should I have? Absolutely.

Instead, he stayed.

He stayed and helped me handle Riley.

Never once did he complain.

Never once did I get an “I told you so.”

Never once did he yell and get frustrated at Riley or myself.

Instead, he humbly helped me clean it up and kissed me before he left for work.

This man. The one who chooses me everyday even through my stubbornness. The one who works so hard to give us the best life. The one who helps make our house a home. The one who endlessly gives of himself. The one who cleans up dog poop for me first thing in the morning when he could’ve just left for work so he wouldn’t be late. The one who didn’t get upset and yell and make it a bad morning when he rightfully deserved to.

This is the man who deserved to be adored and loved. He takes care of me and he loves me. He loves our family of fur babies unconditionally and he makes sure we’re happy and healthy.

This man deserves the world. And I get to call him my husband.

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