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Italian Night!

In our house, Italian food is a staple. Zach and I both love to eat pasta, freshly baked bread with olive oil and herbs (inspiration from Carrabba’s), and all the marinara sauce our hearts can handle. But every time we decide to treat ourselves to an Italian date night, it costs us an arm and […]

Let Them Eat Cake!

Okay, so confession time… I absolutely love sweets, but I am not the biggest cake eater…its totally a texture thing for me. BUT I love to make pretty things and my mom loves to bake, so I do my best to make her proud and live up to her legacy. This was a fun one […]

Quarantine and CF

As we are now in the second, almost third month of quarantine and social distancing due to the infamous coronavirus, I figured it is finally time for me to speak up about the truths behind cystic fibrosis and a world-wide pandemic. Don’t get me wrong, I am still VERY optimistic and still looking to Jesus […]

Apple French Toast Bake

If you spend any significant amount of time with me or in my home, you’d find out quickly that the way to my heart is through breakfast food. I am a brunch-y girl through and through and can appreciate the art of a beautiful breakfast dish. My husband is not a big breakfast person, but […]

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