Chili Lime Salmon

I absolutely love a good salmon dish. But I pretty much cook it the same way every time. But this time, I decided to venture out and try something new. And it was a HUGE win in my book! I paired the grilled salmon with refried beans, homemade Spanish rice, and this amazing Tattooed Chef […]

Sushi at Home

Okay, so one of my BFF’s has created an IG page for her food creations (YAY!!!) and I’m totally inspired by her. She always has had the best ideas for food creations and takes the prettiest pictures of her creations. Oh, and she’s vegetarian for those of you who need veg inspirations (and a lot […]

Salmon Dinner

In our house, salmon is a favorite, hands down. I’ll be totally honest though, I had never eaten salmon until I met my husband, Zach. I was living in my apartment and occasionally he would come over and cook dinner for me…such a sweetie, huh? So in a conversation we were having one day, I […]

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